Hi everyone! I'm sorry that I've been a terrible friend. It's been a while since my last entry but I thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the photographs I took last semester for my photography class. Random, I know.

I was looking through my folder and saw them, I completely forgot I had them in there and so I scanned some of the ones that I missed. When I developed them I remember I didn't like them very much... I took them in a rush since it was supposed to be my final project and I picked something that didn't have anything to do with things I was interested in, I just picked what I thought would be quickest and easiest for me to do. Turns out I had a terrible time figuring out what I wanted to shoot that everything ended up being almost snapshots. But after some months, I look at them and I like them. I kind of like that I didn't shoot a lot of portraits because that took me out of my comfort zone. I might try and do this again but now with some color film.

Anyways, these photos were taken at my city's downtown. It's a very busy part of town; it's always full of people because there are a lot of stores there and everything is really cheap. I usually don't like to wander alone because people can get invasive sometimes and I get really paranoid, so my boyfriend went with me to take these photos.

In this street there is a lot of public transportation loading and unloading people.
A shoe store with specials. $99.90 pesos is like $7.50 USD.
We walked until we reached the end of the walk. There were some stalls but many of them seemed abandoned or just empty.
We got to a small farmer's market (or that's what I think it was).
Then we got to some kind of ghost market. Everything was abandoned, dusty, and broken.
This was part of the abandoned stalls. It was really weird, there were around 20 stalls and they were all protected by gates. It was very strange and kind of creepy.
I kind of love my city's street art, although this rat cutout is a blatant copy of Banksy's stencils, but anyways, that's better than nothing, ha.

I want to do this again, I feel that I've been neglecting my personal photography and all I've been doing is just shooting client work. I think the reason is that I'm too scared to take my camera and so I leave it at home, but there are other alternatives to be honest. I have my good share of film cameras and I can easily replace them if something happens, at least it would be easier to replace them compared to my DSLR, so expect more film photography. I'm going to take two rolls to develop today. I'm very excited! One of them is an X-pro film and I'm just really excited to see how it will turn out! I've never played around with an X-pro film before, so we'll see.


Andrés and I went to a beautiful place called Sabal Palm Sanctuary. I didn't know this place existed up until this semester and I was very, very impressed. It's such an amazing place. We got there at 4 pm, an hour before the sanctuary's closing hours but we tried to make the best of the little time we had left. I had to go and take photos for my photography class, so I took my film and digital camera. Hopefully I will upload the film photos soon.
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Hi everyone! I've been ignoring this journal a little bit so I thought I might share some stuff with you. So I realized today that I will fail one of my classes (most likely) and I hate it! It's a stupid class, well, actually the class is interesting but I hate the way the professor gives the class. Anyways, if I fail I know it' entirely my fault... So anyways. I'm always complaining that there aren't many places in my town to hang out, plus, I barely go out because I'm always scared of drug dealers and stuff... the thing is yesterday I was going to shoot some photos for a class at a palm sanctuary but I didn't get there on time, instead, my boyfriend and I went to have some lunch and afterwards I asked him if we could go some place to see if I could take some photos.

I saw this place that was almost like an open field and there were many little yellow and purple flowers so I thought I had to get off the car because if not I would regret it. I'm so glad we decided to do so.

These are not the best photos but to be honest, I loved them!


Ok so this is just an excuse to post. This is an illustration I did some weeks ago, I'm very happy with it.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I made another LJ account and I'll be posting all my client work there, so if you're interested add me! :)




I'm so excited to share these photos with you guys! This is actually my second wedding, well, this was just the document signing ceremony, the party will be on May, so it's still a long way to go. But I'm very excited because first, I thought it was a really cute, small ceremony, the bride and groom looked really happy to be finally married and everyone around them was very respectful and gave them space too. I also loved their relationship; I've just talked to the bride twice and she's an awesome girl and I just met the groom today and just exchanged a couple of words with him. They're both very shy but I can tell that they've been friends for a long time, which is something that I simply love to be honest.

After signing the papers I asked Tonantzin (that's the bride) if we could go somewhere else after the formals to have their photos taken so we went to this wonderful tree that it's my favorite tree in the world to be honest to have a few photos of them now as wife and husband (they got married in our University, so we already now about cool sites for photos and stuff). I'm very proud of these photos, I'm not going to lie, I'm very excited to show them to her and see what she thinks. Tomorrow (or well, today I must say, it's already 2 am) we're going to go to their engagement session (yes, their engagement session)... I'm very excited, I actually plan to spend the whole day with them and I don't mind it because I feel that we connected and that's something I really love to be honest. I'm also very happy because it was my boyfriend's first time as a second photographer and he delivered really cute shots! I'm very happy and excited to have him on this ship, hopefully he'll do this more often with me. I'll show you his photos once I make the full post!



So this was a weird but good day. I don't celebrate Valentine's mostly because I happen to be at school or my friends are somewhere else where I can't be at that moment but without even planning it, today I had a good Valentine's day. I got to spend the whole day with my boyfriend; we took many photos and just hung out at school, then we met with a client who took us to a wonderful location for some photos we'll be working on Sunday (oh yeah, I've been telling my boyfriend that he should help me out with the photo sessions). Our client is a wonderful girl, she's very kind and fun to be with, so we had a good time in our little road trip. Then when we went back home we met with our friend who came to visit town and got some dinner and coffee. It was a good day.

My boyfriend playing around with my Argus C3.

He's more diligent than me with his film photography; he writes down his shutter speed and aperture settings. So cute.

I had a class that ended up at 12 and we had to wait until 2:30 to meet with our client so we went outside. The internet reception sucked...I really don't know why it was so urgent for my boyfriend to be checking his internet signal every 5 minutes.

My boyfriend bought his Holga Fisheye lens along with his small point and shoot Canon camera. He realized he can use the lens for that camera so he was very happy.

Talking about airplanes and conspiracy theories.

So, as you can see I love lens flare. I KNOW this can damage my lens/camera but the results are so pretty... I'm sorry.

Time passed really quickly, we were having a good time just doing nothing.

We walked accross campus to reach my client. She was at the other side.

Palm trees.

More palm trees.

There's a small resaca in our campus so we're "close" to nature.

This side of the resaca is kind of weird and my sister told me the story behind those branches sticking out of the water; some years back the resaca dried up and people thought that it was going to stay that way, so they planted a bunch of trees. Of course it rained again and the resaca filled up making all of those trees there to drawn. So what you see are the top branches of the trees that remained under water. I think it's kind of cool.

We got to the building where we were going to meet with our client. She drove us to a beach near the city.

We entered this beautiful house called "Casa Mariposa" it was simply beautiful. I didn't take many photos because I didn't want to waste much time.

It is a colorful place, full of plants and ornaments. It's a house and it has a sociel events anex.

This was the house. It had four beautiful rooms that hopefully I'll be able to show you pretty soon.

We went to check out the social events place and at the entrances there's this gorgeous path with crystals.

And this beautiful mosaic-kind-of thing.

She's having her wedding here, so I'm pretty excited. I think this place is one of the prettiest places I've ever been to.

Inside the place there was this huge and colorful painting. Of course they're going to want to have their picture taken there.

We came back from there and decided to go and meet with a friend.

We loaded our bikes to the car.

I didn't take photos of the rest of the day but it was pretty good.

Today I'm getting ready to shoot a wedding and I'm nervous, I still need to finish the other wedding I went to... ugh. Anyways.
How did you spend your Valentine's Day?


Probably I'm of the few people who don't like holidays that make not go to school. Why? Well, I'm the kind of person who feels lost whenever her routine is broken. Because I didn't go to school on Monday the rest of the week felt weird and I basically didn't go to any of my classes, but hey, I mean, I know it's not only because of that, I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I hate school and I don't mean it in a bratty way, I seriously don't like school. For many weeks I've thought of telling my parents that I no longer want to study and that I want to start working full time anywhere but they've spent so much money in my education that at this point I feel that I owe them a graduation ceremony. The thing is apparently we don't have much money right now and I've thought of the possibility of telling them to focus on my sister's degree and forget about me 1) I can actually learn many of the things I learn at school by myself unlike my sister who actually needs guidance and lots of hours of studying (she's studying Environmental Sciences) and... well, there's no number 2 I guess. I say very freely that I'm learning most of the stuff I know outside school because the thing I want to do for a living is photography and at school the only thing we are going to learn is to shoot with 35mm film cameras and develop in a darkroom; no studio lights, no color development, none of the things I want to learn, so, what's left of me as a "professional" photographer? Really nothing to be honest. I'm confused or maybe it's because I'm close to my birthday that I start feeling these things. I feel like school is holding me behind. Is it even possible?

Anyways, yesterday my boyfriend took a stroll and photographed many things.

I love shooting profile portraits, I don't know why. I also love vines and any pattern really so I awkwardly stop my boyfriend every time to take a photo like this one.

Sometimes I forget my 6D can take multiple exposures. I suck at it to be quite honest, but it's really fun.

I usually don't take walks especially not with my camera. I'm constantly afraid of being assaulted or my camera being stolen but I really want to go out more.

We began our walk at that time of the afternoon when all the birds come together turning into dangerous poop shooters but the contrast they create against the sky are worth the risk.

My boyfriend is also into photography but he finds analog photography more interesting. I get him, I also think there's something very magical about film but I barely have money to buy and develop it, haha. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll send to the lab some rolls I have from my Canon AE-1 and my Diana+.

That's all I had in my wallet, I swear. Twelve pesos... not even a dollar!

Our city is super boring and dull but ocassionally you'll se interesting buildings like this one which is abandoned by the way.

Some places are very interesting like this little spot on the wall. I love when this happens.

More birds.

We kept walking...

and walking... and oh, more birds...

Until my boyfriend got one of these bad boys. Let me tell you about trolelotes: they are delicious. It's basically corn, with butter, mayo, cheese, peanuts, and if you want you can add a little bit of chile in powder.

The guy gave my boyfriend a lollipop, haha, really cute.

The sun was coming down really quickly and there was less light. I don't like taking photos at night in the streets of my city because the color of the light is super yellow, SUPER YELLOW and I kind of hate it.

Every Thursday people go to the main plaza and dance. This has been going on for years, it was usually old couples dancing but now more and more people go. They take their own chairs sometimes and some of them just sit there to look at all the people dancing.

At this point my boyfriend suggested going to a restaurant (the one I talked about some entries ago). I was hesitant because it was already dark and we were on foot and for some reason I thought it was a little bit far away from where we were but I said yes, so I had to put my camera in my bag. We walked for quite some time until we realized we went the opposite direction. We finally got there and ordered a spinach cream. It was delicious! I don't have photos with my DSLR but I took a photo with my phone:


It was so tasty.

We came back to my place and talked in our backyard because my mom had her bible study group or something like that and we didn't want to make noise (or being invited to join). We were kind of sweaty and it wasn't even that hot outside, I was wearing like three sweaters so I took two of them off. Not even five minutes passed and a super cold wind came in and it's been freezing since then.

So this was yesterday's "adventure". I really enjoy doing things like these but I often have that feeling that I want to live somewhere else. If I could choose I would love to live in Japan or Canada.

Where would you want to live?



So I'm starting to fall victim to the perks of being unemployed. I only have 59 cents in my bank account haha, that's really pathetic to be honest. I didn't handle my money well and now I'm waiting to get another gig so I can order some stuff from a client and buy school materials. On Tuesday I'm going to go to see if I can get another job at the University, this time, I might end up working in the gardens which sounds less stressful than my previous job because none of my favorite activities will be compromised by another person's critic eye and I will not loose interest in my stuff, plus, the money is slightly better so, let's see what happens. I haven't been up to much stuff lately to be honest, other than, maybe, on March, some artists and I will be doing a Women's Festival, I'm scared but excited... I feel that people are trying to break my social shell and that's very uncomfortable for me but at the same time I'm glad that I'm starting to open up (?); it's a confusing feeling. Hopefully that'll happen, so it'll be two important events that will go directly to my resumé as of this year.

I read a book (yay for me). One of my goals for this year is read more because I feel I haven't done it in a long time. I read Haruki Murakami's "After Dark". I think it was a good light lecture, I read the whole thing in a day and it wasn't even a continuous reading, I stopped at many points during the day, but anyways, it was nice and refreshing. It's the first book I've read by Murakami, and while I'm sure this wasn't his best work, I'm excited to read more of him because 1) I've read/heard very nice things about his work and b) I liked "After Dark", so I already have a lot of Murakami's books in my tablet.

Oh and I also had my first wedding... let me tell you, I'm scared, I'm really scared. Many things went wrong that day. My flash stopped working, that's one, I missed a couple of important moments, and many other stuff... I've been uploading some sneak-peeks and so far, the bride (who I happen to know from high school, and I consider her my friend) loved the photos I've been posting, so that's a relief, but still, I had a lot of personal conflicts with how things happened in the wedding that I feel really frustrated that I couldn't do my work the way I wanted to do it. I'm completely new to this so I don't have much experience with this kind of stuff. Things were out of control and oh well, I won't go into much detail but I will post some photos here soon. I noticed that I'm soooo out of practice so I'll try my best to shoot everyday. I should've started a 365, ha, but considering my previous failure with the first 365 project I started I think, in 2012, I'll just focus on shooting any time I can, to be honest, and Instagram won't count (no matter how much I like some of the photos I take there, hahaha). So hopefully you'll be seeing more posts? Or not? I don't know. Hopefully I'll post more drawings too.

How's your year been so far?


I'm glad about new year, kind of. Yesterday a new place opened in our city, is a small café/gallery and I was invited to put some work there, at the end, I also involved my boyfriend, so the two of us exhibited some of our work. I'm very happy about this new place because there aren't many locations for people to go and talk to and just, overall, have a good time, so hopefully, this project will be successful.

This is a henna tattoo made by a local artist and colleague on Sunday. My boyfriend really likes diagrams and patterns so it's only natural he wanted this drawn.

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